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Affirmations for a positive mindset

Affirmations for a positive mindset

Positive Affirmations

What stops most people is the uncertainty of what to say and how to word affirmations for a positive mindset and optimal effectiveness.

Below you’ll find some simple tips to help you write effective affirmations for improving your self-esteem.

1. Use the Positive Tense

Firstly, it’s helpful to word affirmations in the present tense, not the future. Example: “I choose to love myself” as opposed to “I will learn to love myself”. This is a positive and empowering statement and not a wish list, and it puts the timeframe in the present moment.

2. Beliefs

It has to be believable. Otherwise, you won’t achieve it. Example: “I am learning to embrace my uniqueness and share it confidently with others.” If you tried to say, “I am a wonderful person with a lot to offer the world,” you may not really believe that, so your subconscious mind might reject it. Instead, try to focus on a process rather than an end result in your affirmations.

Beliefs are a powerful driver of behavior. Whatever you believe you can or cannot do will flourish. Negative beliefs suppress capabilities and have an adverse effect on our work and personal lives, often affecting our relationships and stop us from achieving remarkable things. Habitually they are not based on any reality or past experience, just self-doubt.

By identifying, exploring, and changing negative beliefs, self-doubt is replaced by self-belief. This, in turn, has a positive effect on behavior, attitude, outcomes, and facilitating improvements in personal performance.

You can achieve almost anything if you truly want it. Firstly, understanding what your limiting beliefs are and what impact they have had on your life in terms of achievements, outcomes, and desires is a good starting point. Secondly, identifying how these barriers have formed and how to turn them into empowering (positive) beliefs will help you release the constraints weighing you down.

Definition: A belief is a feeling of certainty about what something means to you.

3. Use the Right Tone

When you recite affirmations, focus on the tone. Say it aloud, focusing on the way you express the words, and listen to the tonality. Use intonation and emotion and project the words with passion. Your subconscious mind picks up on the emotional aspect of what you’re saying more than the actual words. A good and strong tone will have a positive impact on the subconscious mind.

4. Repetition

Once you have established your positive affirmations, practice use them by vocalizing them several times a day.

Remember, your subconscious mind is constantly playing back old, negative messages – so you want to counteract those as they occur. When you find yourself having negative thoughts, keep reciting your positive thoughts. This will train your brain to listen to the positive affirmations on a regular basis and helps the neuro pathways accept a change in attitude and behaviour.

5. Time

Give it time. Remember that it will take time to change those old, negative messages in your mind to something more positive.

It could take a few weeks or even months before you’ll notice an obvious difference in how you feel, and you may be tempted to think it isn’t working.

Stick with it, and eventually, you will see a difference but don’t expect it to happen overnight. This is called incremental change, as it’s one step at a time over time.

Affirmations for a positive mindset


Little by little, you’ll start feeling more positive and notice that you’re feeling a bit happier and lighter. That’s your signal that it’s working! Live CONFIDENTLY with improved self-esteem to achieve the success in your career or life that you desire. Affirmations for a positive mindset are a great way of improving your soul, health and outcomes.

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