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Affirmations for a positive mindset

Affirmations for a positive mindset

Positive Affirmations What stops most people is the uncertainty of what to say and how to word affirmations for a positive mindset and optimal effectiveness. Below you’ll find some simple tips to help you write effective affirmations for improving your self-esteem. 1. Use the Positive Tense Firstly, it’s helpful to…

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Dont give up - motivation and self improvement

Self-Improvement and Success

Things happen for a purpose Everything that happens to us happens for a purpose.  When things go wrong and you feel embarrassed or a failure treat this as an opportunity to learn for the benefit of self-improvement and success. Perhaps you are not ready to learn that the universe is…

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Your Authentic Self

5 ways to stop worrying what other people think It’s natural to want to be liked by those around you or appreciated for your skills and talents. For some of us this constant concern about other people’s opinions can hold us back from expressing ourselves fully or doing what we…

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