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Confidence and Personal Power

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All of us would love to have confidence and personal power – the power to manifest our dreams, the power to remain calm and loving in the face of fear, the power to stay centred in ourselves in the face of adversity.

We often confuse personal power – “power within” – with “power over,” which is about controlling others. There is a vast difference between personal power and control.

Personal Power

Personal power comes from an inner sense of security, from knowing who you are in your soul, from having defined your own intrinsic worth. When you are connected to and feel your oneness you will feel the power that flows through you. It is the power that is the eventual result of doing deep inner emotional and spiritual work to heal the fears and false beliefs acquired in childhood.

We will be stuck in our egos, our wounded selves, without having carried out this inner work to heal the beliefs that create our limitations. The very basis of the ego is the desire for control, for power over others and outcomes.

Our ego is the self we created to attempt to have control over getting love, avoiding pain, and feeling safe. We created our ego self in our attempt to protect ourselves from the losses we fear. Loss of……

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As children, when we didn’t get the love we needed, we decided that our true Self must be unlovable. In our attempt to feel safe, we buried our true Self and created the false self. This is known as the ego, our wounded self and often hid behind our mask. The ego self then went about learning how to feel safe through trying to control others and outcomes. The ego believes that having control over how people see us and feel about us, as well as over the outcome of things, will give us the safety we seek.

Emotional Intelligence

Being Emotionally Intelligent is important as it allows us to understand and have some control through anger, criticism, judgment, or money. However, this will not give your personal power; neither will it fill you with peace and joy and an inner sense of safety. Control may give you a momentary sense of safety, but it will never give you the deep sense of safety that comes from knowing your intrinsic worth, the worth of your soul.

You will feel anxious as long as your safety and worth are being defined by externals. These externals are things such as your money, your looks, your performance, and your power over others. We feel anxious when we attach our worth and happiness to temporal things rather than to eternal qualities. These qualities include caring, compassion, and kindness.


Personal power comes from embracing your confident and authentic self, your core values rather than just earthly values. It comes from accepting your authentic true self and allowing yourself some kindness and compassion.

Confident and authentic people are the ones that allow their inner self to accept their strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, they are able to empathise with others, have compassion and understanding. In addition, they learn from their mistakes, know and embrace their self-worth and make meaningful choices in their lives. Personal power is about truly knowing yourself, facing adversity with confidence.

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