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Have you nailed your work-life balance

Work-Life Balance – have you nailed it?

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I don’t know about you but there have been times in my life when it’s been out of kilter.  My work-life balance has been skewed and I have been left feeling, unhappy, unfilled, overwhelmed, stressed and more.

Striking a balance between personal and work life

Much has been written about finding a harmonious balance between work and life, and this article does not intend to discredit any of it. It is essential to strike a balance between the professional and personal. True success is multidimensional, and if you focus exclusively on work your personal life suffers, and vice versa. Limiting your perspective of success to the two dimensions of work and personal life can lead to a lack of balance within both professional and personal success, i.e. work-life balance. To separate life and work into disparate entities misses the point of true success.

The Success Elements

There are elements of success that are the building blocks of professional and personal life. The Success Elements principle is founded on the four elements of Health, Wealth, Wisdom, and Relationships. By achieving balance in all of the Success Elements, you can be assured that your success will transcend both your work life and personal life.

Applying the success elements

The application of the Success Elements in your personal life is easy to see. If you focus on Wealth too heavily, your family life will suffer. If you neglect your Health, all other areas of life will suffer. Even focusing on Relationships too much-which on the surface seems laudable-can disrupt everything else.

So now that we have established that the Success Elements are applicable to your personal life, what about business?


Good Health benefits more than your personal life. In business, success in Health will lead to fewer sick days, less burnout, increased focus, greater profitability, and more energy. Health can also lead to a longer and more fruitful career.


This has the most obvious application in professional life and needs little explanation. As long as you realise that exclusive focus on any one Success Element can be disastrous, pursuing Wealth is good. Pursuing Wealth, though, does not imply that money is everything. Wealth is about complementing the pursuit of excellence in the other Success Elements.


The Wisdom element can have tremendous impact on your business life. The modern economy rewards innovation and flexibility, and Wisdom is about the continuous pursuit of knowledge and insight. You should seek to constantly expand the horizon of your skill sets, as this will assist you in reaching your professional dreams.


At first glance, many think that Relationships only applies to friends and family. But Relationships also applies to your supervisor, subordinates, colleagues, mentors, customers, and community. It is essential for business success to develop strong relationships with everyone in your professional circle. Seek to add value to everyone in your network.

And by all means, do not forget to build a network!.

The unique aspect of the Success Element is that they transcend the individual and can be applied corporately. A company cannot afford to neglect any of the Success Elements. Each element has a place in the business world, and balance among the Success Elements, is just as essential for companies as it is for individuals.

Have you nailed your work-life balance?

So ask yourself, is there balance in your life-in all areas of your life?

I am so excited to tell you that I have an activity you can complete to help you identify your work-life balance in your life and the areas that are important to you.  It will also help you to define what you need to spend more time doing i.e leisure activities and where you feel happy and fulfilled.  It’s called  ‘The Wheel of life’ and you can grab a FREE COPY by clicking the link here:

At AFC we also deliver personal development training for companies on Personal Effectiveness. Poor personal effectiveness i.e inability to manage yours and others time and resources, will have an impact on your work-life balance.

Complete the exercise then share your results with me, I can’t wait to hear from you.  Contact details are:  info@behind-the-mask- or you can call Andrée on 07702 818665 for a 30 min free consultation.